CPS (Child Protective Services) & Foster Care

Our greatest responsibility is to those who are least able to care for themselves. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is tasked with aiding children, elderly, and people with disabilities. As your state representative, my job includes providing adequate funding and continuous oversight to ensure they meet these responsibilities.

Providing oversight means I will ensure the Department retains and hires experienced, caring staff by paying competitive salaries and establishing reasonable caseloads. This will prevent burnout and avoid mistakes that lead to gruesome injuries and deaths. I intend to advocate for these benchmarks for CPS:

  • Placing children with responsible family members whenever possible and keeping siblings together.
  • Providing adequate financial support to both relative and non-relative foster families.
  • Keeping children in home communities whenever possible and advisable.
  • Ensuring adequate physical and mental health services to help children weather their emotional and physical traumas.
  • Preparing children for the day they age-out of foster care so they are not suddenly dumped into the world with no support, vulnerable to poverty or predators.

My job relating to Adult Protective Services includes:

  • Publicizing the Elder Abuse Hotline to reduce abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults who are elderly or have disabilities.
  • Mandating adequate trained staff in group homes to improve safety and promote living skills.
  • Reviewing current staffing standards for assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes.