Gun Legislation

The many mass shootings weigh very heavily in my heart and mind. I agree with everyone who says we can’t just keep offering up thoughts and prayers. It’s time for real change.

Gun violence became an issue with me back in 1990, when my father was shot and killed in the home in which I grew up in Dallas. I had recently returned from a summer in Seoul, Korea, expecting to write my Professional Report, required for my master's degree, on international trade. Instead, after losing my dad, I could only focus on one issue. How do we reduce gun violence in our society? That's what I ended up writing my thesis on all those years ago. Today we are still grappling with this issue.

As a candidate, I pledge to take no NRA money.

There are many steps we can and must take, starting with those that a majority of people agree on: ban bump stocks, have universal background checks on all gun sales and close the loopholes, set a minimum age for purchasing guns at 21, and ban assault-style weapons. We also need to address mental health issues by treating brain health the same as heart health or any other organ health.