Vikki stands strong on the issues most important to Texans.


public education

In recent years, the growth in the recapture payment for AISD has become unsustainable.  The state is ducking its responsibility and dumping excess costs on local school districts and property tax payers. When elected to office, I will honor our constitution and court rulings, as well as students and teachers.


Gun Legislation

The many mass shootings weigh very heavily in my heart and mind. I agree with everyone who says we can’t just keep offering up thoughts and prayers. It’s time for real change. There are many steps we can and must take, starting with those that a majority of people agree on.


CPS & Foster Care

Our greatest responsibility is to those who are least able to care for themselves: children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. As your state representative, I will provide adequate funding and continuous oversight so that our state can uphold this responsibility. 



Is there a more universal daily complaint in our district than terrible traffic? Have you even thought about moving because your daily commute is horrendous? Although no single solution meets everyone’s transportation needs, some options include more mass transit, increasing the gas tax, and toll roads.


Health Care

Texas is the uninsured capital of the United States. Insecurity about the future of insurance is leading to higher costs, fewer individuals who can afford it, and poorer health that ultimately affects families and our workforce. My mission is to stop the cycle of under-funding and poor health outcomes.


Our Environment

Texans must preserve and improve our environment to ensure clean air, clean water, and green spaces. It makes sense — financially, health-wise, and environmentally — to encourage the growth of solar and wind energy. As your representative, I pledge support of the renewable energy industry


Texas Economy

Texas has a thriving economy, low unemployment, and a business-friendly environment. In order to maintain this vibrant economy, we must invest in our people. We must have an exceptional public education system, accessible health care, a clean environment as well as a business-friendly environment. 


Human Rights

“We the people” means ALL people, including gender, race, ability, country of origin, and faith. We should be proud to stand up for these values rather than hiding behind fraudulent excuses for hatred, such as so-called "bathroom bills." I support treating all people with compassion and dignity.

Redistricting & Gerrymandering

I believe it's essential to establish an independent redistricting committee to draw Congressional and Legislative boundaries rather than allowing self-interested office holders of any party to handle the job. And this is backed up by a recent court ruling.

Local Control

Numerous bills were submitted in both the Regular Session and the Special Session this year to strip local control from Home Rule cities. Unlike my opponent, Rep. Paul Workman, I believe that Home Rule cities should have the authority to enact ordinances and policies that benefit the residents who voted for them.