Our Environment

Texans must preserve and improve the environment to ensure clean air, clean water, and green spaces. I am keenly aware of the effects of air pollution. Two of my children suffered with severe asthma and I empathize deeply with all parents afraid of the very air we breathe.

Clean, renewable energy has many benefits and is becoming less expensive, as well as widely available. It makes sense financially, health-wise, and environmentally to encourage the growth of solar and wind energy. We installed solar panels on our home more than a decade ago.

I pledge support of the renewable energy industry, and advocate for the following:

  • Remove lead from water at schools and child care centers.
  • Ensure rivers and streams are safe for swimming and fish.
  • Promote plug-in electric vehicles.
  • Dedicate 94 percent of sporting goods sales tax to state and local parks as the law intended.
  • Boost renewable energy.
  • Encourage rainwater collection.